Abdul and Rozenn

Abdul and Rozenn

Driven by a passion for telling the world about Ethiopia and its culture, Abdul first opened Konjo Jewellery & Handicraft in 2004. Joined by French-born wife Rozenn, the desire to always share more of Ethiopia led them to open Konjo Café & restaurant.

Opened in 2012, Konjo Café & Restaurant in Footscray has quickly made a reputation. From breakfast to dinner, 7 days a week, Konjo offers the best Ethiopian Traditional meals in an inviting, modern setting.

We use Ethiopian rainforest, organic coffee. Choose to have it espresso style or take time to enjoy it the traditional way! (Voted #1 coffee experiences in Melbourne by Epicure).

“At Konjo, we don’t just serve food, we passionately talk about it! The traditions and reasons for the dishes, the spices used in cooking and how it is done back home.”

Along with 7 other business owners, Abdul and Rozenn were recently chosen as ambassadors of Footscray. Through the YOUR FOOTSCRAY Campaign, their role as ambassadors is to show that Footscray is a place full of great surprises and hidden treasures. They pride themselves in contributing to make Footscray a fantastic destination by ensuring their customers get the best coffee and dining experience every time.

The Your Footscray Ambassadors (that's us on the left!)

The Your Footscray Ambassadors (that’s us on the left!)