We’re really proud to have been included on Matt Holden’s list for The Age’s Good Food Guide as the #1 coffee experience to have in this coffee city of Melbourne.

“The coffee shrub is native to Ethiopia, and the coffee ceremony happens every day in Ethiopian families – it’s at the heart of community life. Green coffee is washed, roasted on a metal pan over charcoal, ground and then brewed in an earthenware pot called a jebena, the smoke and aroma from the roasting mix with the aroma of frankincense and myrrh. You can book a full ceremony at many of Melbourne’s Ethiopian restaurants and cafes; Konjo in Footscray offers a light version: the coffee is roasted quickly in the kitchen and served in a jebena on goatskin rugs on the floor. It’s $6.50 for a two-person pot, $14.50 for four.”
Konjo, 89 Irving Street, Footscray

Photo: Eddie Jim