“At Footscray’s Konjo, the front door barely shuts before it swings open again. Local faces appear every few minutes – some for a coffee, some just for a short conversation. Ethio-jazz pulses from somewhere at the back of the restaurant, while a smoky curl of burning myrrh twists languidly upwards at the front counter. The air is sweet.

It might not be on the menu that day, but sit down and ask for the Ful. A breakfast dish eaten throughout East and Northern Africa and the Middle East, each region does it differently. At Konjo, Ful is a simple but hearty stew of beans, tomato, onions and rich spices, topped with sliced egg and green chillies. Without a spoon in sight, the only thing to do is break open the fresh, crusty rolls hands-first and mop up the stew with the soft white bread. Far from the streets of Addis, this breakfast is warming and comforting, especially with sweet, spiced chai on a cold morning.”

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